The First Home Pregnancy Test

When you think of a home pregnancy test, the image of a testing strip or stick with a +/- probably comes to mind.
But did you know that in 1350 BCE in Egypt, women had another version of a HPT? If a woman thought she was pregnant, she would urinate on a pile of barely and wheat seeds. Then, she would wait to see what happened. If the barley grew, she was believed to be pregnant with a boy. If the wheat grew, she was believed to be having a girl. If nothing grew, then she was not pregnant. Definitely a different picture of the 2WW (two week wait)! Smile
When doctors here replicated this method, they found it to be 70% accurate! The only difference was that the sex of the baby was not predicted by the type of seed that grew.  Doctors believe that the pregnancy hormone in the urine stimulates the growth of the seeds.
Kind of fun!

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