Free IVF

Wow, check out this!!!!

Select women are now eligible for 6 FREE IVF cycles!

To qualify for the FREE IVF cycles you need to live in NHS East of England, be between the ages of 23-39 and not have any children from your current relationship.

Women taking advantage of this free service can thank Mike Macnamee, chief executive of Bourn Hall Clinic, for putting together the initiative that was approved by the UK. The Bourn Hall Clinic was the world’s first IVF clinic, and it’s founders always wanted the service to be available to all women, regardless of their financial situation.

Isn’t this amazing!!! What a gift for these women living in the UK!


Hi, I need to know about Follicles.
An ultra sound test of my dear one
shows 'many Follicles around right
ovary'. Is that risky? Someone
Please answer. Thanks.

Sajib — Aug 17, 2011
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i dont live in uk. i live in india-maharashatra. i had 3 miscarrages and iui. i want to do it ivf but cant afford it. plz any info if i can do.
thanks a lot

sangita newaskar — Dec 11, 2010
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hi i live in west yokshire i have had IVF once and i did,nt work and i car,nt afford it agin is there any chance you could help me please x

samantha d — Aug 05, 2010
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i have done ivf four times now but as not work. i do live in the uk. can you help me.

isobel lucas — Jul 24, 2010
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i dont live in uk . i had 1 faild ivf want to do it again but cant afford it. any info if i can do it somehow plz

hibz — Jun 12, 2010
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