Folic Acid

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Take your folic acid and you will decrease your chances of delivering your baby early! This is what a recent study done by Dr. Radek Bukowski of the University of Texas Medical Branch concluded.

They tracked 35,000 women between the years of 1999-2002 and looked specifically at those who had taken folic acid for a year before becoming pregnant. In addition to preventing birth defects, the folic acid was found to decrease the chance of going into premature labor by 50-70 percent!

Folic acid helps the body make new cells. So when women get their recommended daily amount, they are helping to prevent their baby from defects such as spina-bifida and anencephaly.

So….include folic acid as part of your healthy diet! It is found in leafy green vegetables, dried beans, peas, fruits and nuts. Or, take it as part of your multi-vitamin plan!

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Thank you so much for this help tip. I knew folic acid was very important to women’s health. But I did not know it can be found on leafy vegetables. I was given instructions to take tablets. But I like to stick with the natural ways. — Aug 26, 2014
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this was really very great guys

jogos de cozinhar — Jul 31, 2014
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just the info that i neded

jogos de moto — Jul 31, 2014
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this is really well guys thanks a lot i am willing to use this info for the matter of preparing my report that i have to submit

jogos de vestir — Jul 31, 2014
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what make of folic acid should one be taken and how many should be taking on a daily basis?

Anonymous — Nov 13, 2009
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