The First Artificial Ovary

artificial ovaries

I am often amazed at what medical science can do these days.  The most recent development in the fertility field is that researchers from Brown University have successfully developed the first artificial ovary. The ovary is functional and is going to be used as a platform for further studies.

The most immediate implication is for women who have had chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Specialists believe that it is a real possibility that in the near future, women who have had their ovaries compromised will be given another option for egg maturation.
After reading this story, I was curious as to how the ovary was developed. What I learned was that researchers collected two types of ovary cells from women of child bearing age and added them to a honeycomb (ovary) shaped structure. After the cells began to grow and attach, they added human egg cells to the honeycomb pieces. And as researchers hoped, the eggs were able to mature in this artificial environment. 
It will be interesting to see what becomes of this new research!


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