Fertility Treatment for a Two Year Old

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Did you hear about the 2 year old who is currently undergoing a fertility related procedure?

Her name is Violet Lee and currently lives in New York. She has been diagnosed with an immune system disorder that requires a bone marrow transplant. Because of this, she is scheduled to begin chemotherapy treatments soon. Understandably, her parents were devastated when they found out that their sweet little girl was so sick and would needing chemotherapy. And then when talking with her doctors about the side effects to the treatment, they also learned that it would leave her infertile. They were again heartbroken for their daughter.

So in an unprecedented decision for a child this young, the parents and doctors agreed to move forward with a procedure that will hopefully allow her to have a child when she is healthy and grown.
They are planning to remove one of her ovaries and then freeze it until she is ready to become a mom, many years from now.
What do you think about this decision? Would you do this if you were in their shoes?


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