Fertility Retreats

Are you trying to conceive? Would you love a vacation where you can relax and be pampered? A fertility retreat may be exactly what you are looking for!!!

If you live in the US, Fertile Soul is the retreat that may be calling your name. If you live in Spain, the Fertility Awaking Retreat is awaiting you!! Both retreats help to get your body and mind fertility friendly. They do this by putting together a 5 star vacation that includes massage, acupuncture, meditation, relaxation, yoga, dietary advice, qi gong and dance. Their belief is that using many different approaches, that it increases the chances of pregnancy. It is in a sense diving head first into Eastern fertility techniques and moving away from Western medicine.

Doctors from the retreats say that women up to the age of 48 have become pregnant after attending one of the retreats. In addition, the retreat director, Dr. Lewis, from Fertile Soul states that he has had between a 30-100 percent overall success rate with his seminars.

At a bare minimum, you are promised a relaxing vacation that offers you many different fertility related opportunities!


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