Fertility Diet Quiz

Do you know the 5 important foods for boosting male fertility? Do you also know what men should avoid if they are hoping to become a dad?

Researchers have found that there is a certain diet that helps men boost their fertility :)

The diet includes:

1. Pumpkin seeds and baked beans - They are both are high in zinc.
2. Lean poultry and meat- They have high levels of L-carnitine, which helps
with sperm motility.
3. Fruits and veggies- They are great for antioxidants.
4. Watermelon- It has high levels of lycopene.
5. Citrus fruits- They are great for vitamin C, which helps keep sperm healthy.

On the flip side, men should avoid:

1. Soy- Some researchers believe that it contributes to poor sperm quality.
2. Caffeine- More than 3 cups may impact fertility.

A caffeine side note though…. if you have a low sperm count, caffeine may actually be helpful!

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