Feng Shui and Fertility

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Have you ever wondered if Feng Shui could help you conceive?
There are recommendations from the world of Feng Shui that may very well help you become pregnant!!!
The first belief is that your husband should sleep in a Northwestern direction. The theory behind this is that when sleeping in this direction, it leaves the man open for positive energy which brings luck and increased fertility. They do add however, that if your husband is already sleeping in a Northwestern direction and you are struggling to conceive; you should put a fan in the room and keep it running throughout the day. This will help the positive chi enter the room and eventually become absorbed by the man while he is sleeping at night. However, disregard this completely if when sleeping in a Northwestern direction it ends up pointing you towards a door. A huge no-no if practicing Feng Shui!
Another Feng Shui fertility friendly idea is to make sure you have certain figures or symbols within the home. For example, small dragons carefully placed on the side table of the man’s side of the bed is said to help with male fertility and virility. A double fish set in the Southwest corner of the room is said to be excellent for fertility and small elephant figurines are believed to help you to conceive a boy.
To cure infertility, Feng Shui says that if you have figurines pairs of elephants with turned down noses, pictures of babies and fruit displayed in the home, that you will live a fertility healthy life.
If you love jewelry, this next tip may grab you attention. Tell your husband that Feng Shui encourages the woman to wear rose quartz to bed. At a very minimum, it is said that the rose quartz should be in the corner of the bedroom to bring in the positive energies.
All of these suggestions stem from the Feng Shui belief that everything is made from energy, and when the energy is positive in nature that is leads to a healthy fertility lifestyle!

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Wonderful book, we are in need of such material

boost your bust reviews — Aug 29, 2014
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How to Feng Shui is a book committed to the true science of classical Feng Shui. Many individuals learn about furniture organizing and the color application that is promoted as Feng Shui. In reality, this is thought about Pop Feng Shui, which is a watered down version of the genuine scientific application. Pop Feng Shui does bit great to really alter your harmony, wealth, or health. Classical Feng Shui, on the other hand, is based upon clinical and mathematical computations that you can put on totally change your luck. Las Vegas gambling establishments make use of a few of the strategies detailed in this book to make sure the house wins and keeps on winning.

After reading this book, you will be able to:.

-Find out how compatible you are with an additional person.
-Discover standard feng shui principles that work every time in every area.
-Discover how landforms and outside influences make your feng shui bad or excellent.
-Discover the origins of popular feng shui misconceptions and misconceptions.
-Learn why particular incidents or illnesses happen to particular family members.
-Comprehend how and why your environment impacts you the method it does.

Feng Shui — Feb 18, 2014
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I cannot believe that such kind of practice can help you to conceive. This can be just to promote all these Chinese ancient practices I would say. However, if it can be proved right, definitely I can change my opinion. Cheers mate.

arman — Dec 04, 2013
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i have been useing cuprite, nebula stone, and pyrite, vesuvite as well as rose quartz in chakra mediations.

erika m. — Apr 11, 2011
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