Fat Eggs

Another reason to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle!

There is now scientific evidence that links obesity to infertility.  A researcher from the University of Adelaide, Australia focused on how obesity affects a woman’s eggs. What she found was that eggs stored in the ovaries are damaged when a woman’s diet is high in fat.  These eggs are not able to mature into normal and healthy embryos.

However, she also discovered that an anti-diabetes drug called rosiglitazone, was able to reverse the damage found in the fatty eggs.  This drug changed the way that the ovaries assessed and responded to the fat in the body. When this happened, the embryos were given a chance to develop in a healthy way.

Ms. Minge, the researcher, cautions women not to look at her findings as a quick fix, and hopes that her work instead, reinforces the importance of a healthy diet.

To read more: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/newsletters.php


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