The Everything Getting Pregnant Book- Book Review

I just finished reading, The Everything Getting Pregnant Book by Robin Elise Weiss.

If you are looking for a good starter book, this one fits the bill. The book addresses all the basic questions related to fertility in addition to being user friendly and well organized. It starts with the top ten ways to prepare for pregnancy and ends with a list of websites and resources. In between is information on the following topics:

Deciding To Have A Baby
Preparing Your Body For Pregnancy
Menstrual Cycle
Fertility Charting
Fertility Aids
Fertility Problems
Male Infertility
Female Infertility
Pregnancy Loss
Secondary Infertility
Fertility Specialists
Fertility Assessments
Artificial Insemination
Fertility Surgeries
Assisted Reproductive Technology
Egg Donation
Third Party Reproduction

So if you are looking for a straight forward fertility book that gives clear and detailed description of terms, procedures, and family planning options, this is the one!

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