Endometrial Scratching

Are you thinking about giving IVF a try?  If so, this new procedure will be of interest to you!  Researchers have found a way to significantly increase the odds of a successful pregnancy after using IVF!

How you might ask? 

Researchers/doctors worked with a group of 158 women who were currently scheduled for IVF.  One month before their procedures took place, 77 of the women had the endometrial scratching done and the remainder of women went into the procedure status quo. Afterwards, researchers looked at the results and were impressed!  The IVF success rate increased from 23% to 42%!!!!!!! There were almost twice as many babies born as would have been predicted.

What doctors did for those receiving the endometrial scratching was to take a cell sample near the neck of the womb. They compared it to having a pap smear done. And although they haven’t exactly figured out why it seems to work, they do have a theory.  Doctors believe that when you scratch the womb, it is injuring it just a bit.  Then the womb is amped up as it tries to repair itself.  This new stirring and awakening of the womb may encourage it to be less passive in the implantation of the egg. 

I am excited to follow this story and see if it becomes more widely used.  All the research was completed in Brazil and Britain at this point, so we will have to wait and see if it makes itself to other doctor’s offices!

Below is a video that gives a little more info and real life testimony about the procedure, happy viewing!

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