Embryo Glue

Did you know that only about half of the embryos that make it to the uterus are able to implant? This is because that there are many proteins on the embryo itself that assist in its ability to attach to the endometrium before it is able to attach and implant itself to the uterine wall. If there is a breakdown in the proteins or if the uterine wall is compromised in any way, the embryos will not be able to successfully implant themselves. In fact, doctors believe that this is why many IVF attempts fail.

There may be a way to remedy this problem however. It is still in the experimental stage, but doctors have great hope for what they call embryo glue. The glue would be used to coat the embryo with proteins during an IVF cycle and therefore allow the embryo to properly adhere to the endometrium until it is ready to implant.

If you have been unsuccessful in your IVF cycles, you may want to ask your doctor about this embryo glue!

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Why cant this be offered to couples.

helen1 — Nov 18, 2010
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i want it

habiba — Jun 12, 2010
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