Egg Donors and Surrogates

If you are looking at possibly using a surrogate or an egg donor to add a baby to your family, the wait may not be as long as in the past. You can thank the struggling economy for the change in wait times. In the past, infertile couples may have had to wait at least 6 months before finding a match. And now, many of the surrogate and egg donor agencies have actually eliminated their wait time completely.

As money gets tight, those applying to become surrogates and egg donors always increase. An egg donor usually can expect to earn $3000-$8000 and surrogates on average earn about $25,000.

Interestingly, ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) recommends not paying egg donors more than $10,000. However, a donor matching agency in San Diego called; A Perfect Match actually offers $50,000 to egg donors who have high SAT scores.

Sounds like it is a good time for couples interested in using donor or surrogacy services!

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