Donor Sibling Registry

If you became a mom by using a sperm bank, this resource may be of interest to you! :)

Eight years ago, a mom and son named Wendy and Ryan Kramer began a Yahoo discussion group that focused on families that were created by the use of sperm donors. Well, now they have their own website and have matched more than 4000 kids with their half-siblings and/or biological parents.

The web site is set up like a forum of personal ads, where folks share their stories in hopes of connecting with others who used the same sperm donor. In addition to finding an extended family made up of half-siblings, this site has been instrumental in helping families gather medical information related to their children. When parents learn of the medical problems experienced by other families who used the same donor, they are able to get their children screened and treated early.

From what I have read, it also seems as if families who use the Donor Sibling Registry often make lifetime friends and bonds with others that they meet online. Many of the mothers in particular, report what a wonderful support system they have found from the group.

So, if you would like further information about this service, just visit the Kramer’s site….. DSR (Donor Sibling Registry).

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