Does Size Matter?

Yes, according to Dr. Raphael Hirt from the Division of Reproductive Medicine at the Hospital Antoine Bexlere in France.

At the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference earlier in the month, doctors presented the results to their study which looked at the size of a woman’s uterus and their risk of having premature twins if using IVF.

Researchers used ultrasound to measure the uterus of 79 women between the ages of 21 and 39 who were currently patients at their clinic and receiving fertility treatment. They then broke the women up into 3 groups based on the height of their uterus and continued to follow them after they successfully became pregnant using IVF. The data they recorded was the gestational age of the baby and if the baby was born premature.

What they found was the women in the group having the smallest uteri, were most likely to give birth prematurely.

They are excited about this research because it can help fertility doctors decide how many eggs to implant during an IVF procedure. If a woman has a small uterus, Hirt hopes that doctors will use his research findings and opt to only plant 1 embryo to increase the chances of the baby making it full term.

This is just the first of many related studies that Hirt wants to complete in the near future!

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