Does Music Help the Fertilization Process?




Have you ever wondered if your eggs like to listen to music?

At the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology’s most recent conference in London, researchers from Barcelona’s Marques Institute Fertility Clinic asked this very question!

They presented their most recent study that looked at the effect music has on developing eggs. Researchers began by using 1000 eggs that had been harvested and injected with sperm for IVF.  They then placed 500 of the eggs in regular incubators and the other 500 in incubators with I-Pods inside.  The I-Pods then played all types of continuous music during the fertilization process.

What they found was that the sperm injected eggs that were surrounded by music had a 5% greater fertilization rate.  Researchers believe that the vibrations caused by the music better help the embryos get the nutrients they need and get rid of toxins and waste.

Kind of fun to picture the eggs and sperm rocking out as mature and grow together!


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