A Different TTC Diet

We have talked in the past about different fertility friendly diets.  Western doctors recommend eating things such as leafy green veggies and including a serving of dairy to the TTC (trying to conceive) woman's diet.

If we were following the traditional Chinese medicine fertility diet however, it would look a little different.  This TTC food plan is driven by the belief that the yin and yang balance of the body will either help or hurt the conception process.  In terms of food choices, the yin dietary options are considered “cold or cool.”  In contrast, the yang dietary options are said to be “hot, warm or neutral.” Interestingly, the hot and cold descriptors don’t have anything to do with the temperature of the food but instead the energy that they emit.

Because good blood flow is essential while TTC, Eastern medicine suggests sticking to a diet that is rich in neutral, warm and hot energy foods and staying away from cold or cool foods.  Cold or cool foods would just make a cold uterus worse.

Below are some examples of the food and their corresponding energy when using yin and yang as the category parameters.

Hot Foods:  garlic, onions, ginger, peppers, Chinese green onions

Warm Foods:  chicken, leeks, chives, peaches, dates, ham, brown sugar, cherries and black tea

Neutral Foods: grains, bread, rice, potatoes, corn, honey apricots, eggs, carrots and beets

Cool Foods:  tomatoes, spinach, pears, lettuce and strawberries

Cold Foods: water chestnuts, watermelon, watercress, seaweed, lettuce, bananas, grapefruit, crab, clams and bamboo shoots

In general, flavorings and spices that are sour, salty or bitter usually fall in the yin category and those with a more pungent flavor or odor are considered to be of the yang persuasion. 

And…. since blood flow is the focus here, Chinese medicine would encourage eating red meat and drinking beef broth and staying away from cold raw foods.

It should be mentioned that this diet has not been studied and researched from a Western medicine point of view.  It is based on many many generations of Eastern medicine nutritionists and doctors.

So who would like some spicy chicken with black tea for dinner?  Laughing


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