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I know that for most of us, this is not part of our fertility plan, but this new product will definitely make life easier for many men!!

Do you know anyone who has recently had a vasectomy? Following the procedure they were probably asked to come back in to “make sure” that the surgery had worked. Nothing that they look forward to, I am sure!!!!

Well, there is a new product that was recently approved by the FDA the will make the follow up appointments a thing of the past! SpermCheck Vasectomy is an at-home test that allows men to check their fertility status by assessing the number of sperm that are “alive and well!” :)

Researchers from ContraVac felt this was a needed product since in a given year, there are about 500,000 vasectomies performed. Men are then asked to return for 2 follow up visits. 35% of men never return for their first follow up visit, and 70% fail to return for their second follow up appointment.

It is amazing how many at home tests are becoming available to folks. I know that it is nice to be able to have some control over our own medical status….even if it is information that we use in conjunction with our doctors!

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