Designer Babies

You may have heard of Dr. Jeff Steinberg in the news lately. He is the director of The Fertility Institutes who was offering a specialized service for folks trying to conceive.

What he advertised was a “designer baby.” He stated that couples could chose many of the cosmetic characteristics of their baby. He claimed that by doing genetic testing, he could alter the baby’s genetic make up so that couples could chose their baby’s eye color, hair color and skin color. Hence the “designer baby.” He was charging a little less than 20 thousand dollars for this procedure.

He defends his program by reminding people that fertility doctors are already doing DNA screening to hopefully minimize the chances of babies being born with many serious medical conditions. However, many feel like what he was proposing crossed the line.

Fast forward several months……….. As you can imagine, there were many vocal folks that were very upset about this service that Steinberg was offering. So, he has decided to put this program on hold until his community is a little more ready to accept his idea of family planning.

What do you think about Steinberg’s fertility planning option? Would you use his services?

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