Could Your Husband's Cell Phone Be Keeping You From Becoming Pregnant?

Are cell phones bad for fertilityDid you know that there are multiple studies out there that have found that cell phones may be wreaking havoc with your husband’s sperm?

In the most recent of these studies, researchers from the University of Szeged in Hungary found that when men kept their phones on standby the majority of each day, their sperm count was one third less than their counterparts.

In another cell phone vs. sperm study, researchers from a Cleveland OH Fertility Clinic found that the overall health of a man’s sperm was compromised when they heavily used a cell phone.  The researchers found that the sperm often had issues with quality, quantity or a combination of both.

I know that there continue to be further research in this area since we have become so dependent on cell phones and other technology toys both in work and play.

Stay tuned for the next studies! 


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