Could Your Epilepsy Medication Be Causing Your Infertility?

epilepsy medication infertility

In a recent study published in the journal of Neurology, this was the question that was upfront and center.

Researchers in India gathered together 376 women who were not only ready to start a family, but also suffered from epilepsy.  They followed this cohort of women for 10 years and kept track of their pregnancy rates.

What they found was significant!

Turns out that the amount of epilepsy medication that a woman took was directly linked to how likely she was to experience infertility issues.

The following list shows the number of epilepsy drugs taken compared to the rates of infertility within the study group.

  • 7% of the women experienced infertility while taking no epilepsy related drugs.
  • 32% of the women experienced infertility while taking 1 epilepsy related drug.
  • 41% of the women experienced infertility while taking 2 epilepsy related drugs.
  • 60% of the women experienced infertility while taking 3 or more epilepsy related drugs.

What this study says to me is that if you are currently taking medication for epilepsy and are actively trying to get pregnant, you may want to talk with your doctor about reducing your risk of infertility.  Your doctor will be able to make sure your epilepsy is being managed in addition to giving you the best chance at becoming pregnant.

Another positive element that jumps out at me, is that when you flip the numbers around, there are still many women suffering from epilepsy who go on to become pregnant without any medical intervention.  There is a lot of hope to grab hold of!!!


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