Could the Problem be a Sperm Allergy?

 Sperm AllergyDid you know that you can be allergic to you partner’s sperm?

Although it only occurs in a small percentage of fertile women, it is possible and problematic if you are TTC (trying to conceive). In fact, some doctors believe that among the population of women struggling with their fertility, the percentages may actually be as high as 5-25%. This is significant when you consider that many fertility doctors don’t often mention it as a potential reason for the struggle to become pregnant.

If you Google sperm allergy, you will also see it called, Human Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity. It is described as a medical condition where the woman’s body actually rejects her spouse’s sperm. The body does this because it identifies the sperm as a foreign presence in the body that needs to be eliminated. When this happens, it makes it impossible for the sperm to get to its final destination successfully!

Some women experience burning, swelling, vaginal redness, burning and pain immediately after they come in contact with the semen. Other women don’t experience these symptoms until an hour or more afterwards. And because these symptoms can last as short as minutes or as long as weeks, many doctors misdiagnose the problem as a STD.

So, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms and are struggling to conceive, check with your doctor about a possible sperm allergy!


i did not know what the problem is pls fine out what might be the problems.

Onyema — Dec 30, 2010
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Thanks for your word, please i had my baby 18 years back but now it is hard for me to conceive, what will be the problem to that, pls have out for iam 39years of age this November 2010.

Onyema — Dec 30, 2010
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