Could Pelvic Massage Help You Become Pregnant?

Pelvic Massage for Fertility

Many women are turning to massage not only help relieve the stress of trying to conceive, but also as a natural way to stimulate their reproductive organs. 

A pelvic restorative massage is often recommended for women over the age of 40, who are battling the infamous reproductive system internal clock and are worrying about their uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries not being in tip top fertility shape. But massage therapists say that if done correctly, the techniques are helpful for all women trying to become pregnant.
Your TTC (trying to conceive) massage plan will probably include:
  1. basic abdominal massage
  2. ovarian massage
  3. fallopian tube massage
  4. uterine lift
  5. restorative massage
  6. femoral massage
Most of these techniques are done in circular motions near each of the reproductive organs. Each time you do this, small blockages are broken up and better circulation is restored. Both are so important for increasing the chances of becoming pregnant!
A great way to begin is to find a certified massage therapist in your area who has experience or training in pre-conception techniques. Or, if you prefer to try a self-massage program at home, there are many DVD options that you can purchase online. I noticed one on that got good reviews, but haven’t seen it myself yet.
This sounds like another great addition to add to my ever growing bag of TTC resources!


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