Could it be CAH?

If it is taking you longer than you hoped for to get pregnant and are also experiencing body odor, extra hair growth, irregular cycles and acne...... there may be a simple solution!
Ask your doctor to test you for congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). It is a condition that causes the androgens in your body to overproduce. When this happens it causes irregular ovulation patterns in women and sperm deficiencies in men. 
Doctors believe that it is a condition that is often misdiagnosed, or not diagnosed at all! New statistics are showing however, that it occurs in about one in every 100 men and women. It seems to also be more prevalent in certain ethnic groups and can vary dramatically in terms of severity from person to person.
The good news is that it is easy to test for, just a simple blood test. If you are diagnosed with the condition it is treated with steroids and you can completely eliminate all the related symptoms in as little as 3 months!!!
So, since this is not a condition that is routinely screened for by fertility specialists, you may want to ask them about it!!


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