Could I Be Pregnant?

If you are ttc (trying to conceive), you know that as you near the end of your tww (two week wait) every little twinge or change in your body makes you more and more hopeful that this could be your lucky month!!!
You may even start asking your friends who have been pregnant before about the symptoms they experienced before knowing for sure that they were expecting.
Below is a list of symptoms that some women experience. The hard part is that every woman’s body responds differently to pregnancy and many of the symptoms mirror those of PMS!
Possible Pregnancy Symptoms:
Sore breasts
Mild cramping
Metallic taste in mouth
Heightened sense of smell
Darkened Nipples
Needing to pee more frequently
Food cravings
Change in food preferences both likes and dislikes
Increased temperature by at least .4 degrees for more than 3 consecutive days
 Sending everyone lots of Baby Dust!

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Hello, I just started taking Fertilaid on October 11,2015. I started spotting on the same day. Is that normal? Cause I have been TTC for 7 years.

ponderbaby — Oct 12, 2015
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I was due on my period on the 5th of january i had protected sex but the condom broke, we had spermicide jel and i am on the loestrin 20 combined contriceptive pill but when i had sex i was on the 7 day break. Also i had missed a day of the pill (i was told by the doctor and i read on the sheet the comes with it that if you miss one it doesnt make much of a difference, i just took two the next day) and blead twice during the course. The day that i had sex i went for a pee like 6 times but had no other symptoms i am really worried because i am way too young to even have sex let alone have a child, is there a chance that i am pregnant?

Anonymous — Jan 06, 2015
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Jul. - 28 - 03
Aug. - 24 - 29
Sept. - 24 - 29
Oct. - 24 - 29
I also think that my leuteal days is 12. I had spotting yesterday on the 11.11.2014 was that ovulation spotting or it could be implantation spotting please help.

Anonymous — Nov 12, 2014
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My period started the 12th of November ended on the 17th had unprotected sex on the 22nd, now I'm having mind stomach cramps, pain in my left side, headaches and slight dizziness could I be pregnant?

baby girl — Nov 28, 2013
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soooo my fertile days were the 4th to the 9th I had sex everyday on those days I feel slight cramping but not as painful as last months ovulation its very dull and bad back pain n gassy only on the right side is where all of this is occurring and loose bowels smh. so my question is could I be pregnant if im not feeling the same pain n effects as I did last month. last month my boobs were sore and tender throwing up heartburn stomach and abdominal cramping from ovulation until my pms and I defiantly wasn't pregnant any answers or stories similar and you were pregnant?

Anonymous — Sep 10, 2013
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If anyone can help....I had my period last month, and my implant ran out on the 6th. June, I had unprotected sex on the 9th which I've now discoverd would have been my most fertile day!! Could I get pregnant so soon?? Any help info be great

Anonymous — Jun 15, 2013
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Hello, my name is crystal and I'm 20 years old. I started a light pink bleeding on April 28th. It lasted from April 28 to may 2nd. I started my actual period on may 2nd and ended my period on may 5th. I am curious if it could have been implantation bleeding??? 
But this morning at about 3:25 I had some dull/sharp pains by my right ovary, and lighter pains by my left, and finally a light pushing sensation tword the top of my stomach. I can eat, but sometimes I feel like i will throw up but I don't. I drink alot of liquids ( mostly water or Gatorade or koolaid) I have noticed I feel bloated, my lower back , right over back right hip hurts. My husband says I have huge mood swings, and I'm always grumpy. And my appitite is dissipating. I noticed that I'm sleeping way more than I normally do. I sleep at least 13 to 16 hours a day waking up eriodicly for bathroom breaks, food, water, ect. Another thing I have noticed is that I still have lactation from my first birth which was back in 2011 ( I was 17, had been raped, and gave my daughter up for adoption) and it's gotten a little heavier, I'm not sure what this could mean .. It's nerve racking.... I could really use some help or advice please.., 

Worried mom — May 13, 2013
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my last period was on march 22,2013 which always lasts 3 or 4 days I had unprotected sex on march 30 2013. my symptoms started days after I had sex. I have been having very mild stomach pains( no cramping) and headaches off and on and I've been feeling like I have to puke and been tired more than usual. now I'm due for my period in four days and I have not been having my usual pms symptoms that always start 6 days before my period is due. I'm getting closer to the day of my period and I'm wondering when will the pms symptoms start or could I really be pregnant.....

Anonymous — Apr 15, 2013
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My ovulation date was Jan 4th(2 days ago).
I had unprotected sex dec 30th and jan 2nd. Is it too soon to feel any symptoms and could I even be pregnant?

Anonymous — Jan 06, 2013
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I had my tubes tied 11 1/2 yrs ago and now i think im pregnant me and my husband both have the same feeling could it be possible? I took a ovulation test it said 9/26/12 and we has sex the 27 and on the 28 &29 when we where done i was bleeding but only for 1 hr

Anonymous — Oct 07, 2012
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