Chinese Herbs and Endometriosis

Do you suffer from endometriosis?
Those that do may experience pelvic pain, painful menses, and in some cases infertility. Currently, most women opt for a surgical procedure called laparoscopy and then are given hormone drugs such as Gestrinon or Danazol afterwards. Some of the side effects from these drugs are acne, weight gain and hot flashes- not fun!
In a newly released study, researchers looked at 158 women who recently had laparoscopy surgery. The women were then given the traditional hormonal medications OR Chinese herbs (CHM) as part of their follow up treatment.
What they found was that the Chinese herbs were just as effective as Gestrinon, but resulted in fewer side effects. And, the Chinese herbs were MORE effective than they drug Danazol.
They do admit that there needs to be more research done in this area……but exciting to think there may soon be other options that produce fewer side effects for women suffering from endometriosis!


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