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check for low sperm count

If your husband is like most, heading into the doctor's office to make a donation for a semen analysis is not at the top of his "to-do' list. I have talked to many women who have only gotten their husbands to agree to it by using lots of begging, pleading, guilt and bribery.

Wouldn't it be great if you could say, "Honey, we can find out your sperm count here at home, and no one has to know the results but us!"

There is a wonderful new product that allows you to do just that.  It is an at-home test called, SpermCheck Fertility, and gives you your results within 30 minutes.  It is kind of like the pregnancy tests where you either get a positive or negative result.

If the result is positive, the sperm count is above the suggested 20 million per milliliter.  If you get a negative result, you know it is under this amount.   The nice thing is that once you know, you can then move forward with the next step in your TTC (trying to conceive) plan. The plan may be to continue identifying ovulation each cycle and baby dancing during your most fertile time, or it may be to make an appointment with a fertility specialist to talk about further tests, treatments or supplements. 

The other great thing is that since it is affordable (under $35.00), you can re-test every few months and keep track of the changes.  Many men can improve their sperm count by modifying their diet,  increasing their exercise program, changing lifestyle choices (such as smoking) and adding a supplement (such as FertilAid for Men). How fantastic is it that there is now a way to see if all their hard work is actually paying off and leading to  stellar fertility friendly sperm counts!

I am excited about SpermCheck Fertility and can't wait for others to try it!

If you are interested in finding out more, check out the website:

Happy sperm testing!!





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