Check Your Glands

If you are struggling to become pregnant, your glands may to be blame.

Your glands are responsible for producing the hormones in your body, so it goes without saying that if they are not functioning properly that they could be impacting your ability to conceive.

The pituitary gland is the most important in the world of hormones. Because it is the regulator of all the body's hormones, it can be responsible for irregular hormone production.  In addition to causing elevated levels of prolactin, it can also cause havoc with your FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone) levels.  These hormones are essential for your fertility health.  They not only are involved int the growth and development of the eggs, but also help to maintain healthy ovulation.

Another set of glands that can cause problems with your fertility are  the adrenal glands.  These are the two glands that are  found on top of each kidney.  These glands produce hormones that are responsible for regulating metabolism, heart rate and blood pressure.  However problems with the adrenal glands can also cause an increase in androgens, which are male hormones.  When this happens women will notice extra facial and abdomen hair, acne and oily skin.  This increase also can lead to problems with fertility.

The good news is that a simple blood test from your doctor can let you know if your glands are responsible for your infertility!


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