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chalk giant fertility symbol

If you head to North Dorsett, you will see a giant chalk figure carved into the hillside. This 180 foot figure’s name is the Cerne Abbas Giant and folks believe that he holds the power to fertility.

Legend has it that if you sleep on the drawing, you will be blessed with many children. In addition, if you have sex on top the most obvious male fertility related body part, he will cure any infertility issues you may be experiencing!

This folklore is supported by the amazing birth rates of the neighboring towns and villages. In the areas near this chalk giant, women give birth to an average of 3 children over their lifetime. This statistic is even more impressive when you find out that it is 2 times greater than the national average and 3 times greater than women living within the nearby city of Westminister!!
In the town that lies closest to the figure, their labor and delivery facility is set up to take care of less than 10 newborns a day. Nurses say that it is not unusual to see close to 80 babies born on any given day. Wow!!!!
I am thinking I may need to practice replicating the Cerne Abbas Giant on the hillside in my yard and hope for some of his fertility magic to rub off on the women who live in my town!! :)
What do you think about the powers of this giant?


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