Careful of Ginseng While TTC

Yikes, I just ran across an article that pointed to the potential harmful effects of ginseng while trying to get pregnant.

The irony here is that ginseng is believed to be an all powerful herb in many Eastern cultures.  In fact, there has been scientific research that shows that it actually boosts sperm production and mobility.  It may even be in your TTC toolbox.

However, based on new research done by Dr. Louis Chan at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, you may want to take the ginseng back out of your TTC toolbox and turn to other options for strengthening you partner’s sperm. Researchers found that one of the main active elements in ginseng, ginsenoside RB1, is actually harmful to embryos. 

Rats that were exposed to the ginsenoside RBA1 had embryos that were not as healthy as those who were not exposed.  The embryo development scores for the heart, limbs and eyes were significantly low.  In addition, these same embryos were also were much shorter in length.

Based on his findings, Dr. Louis Chan recommends staying away from ginseng while TTC so that you have the greatest chance of growing a healthy embryo!



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