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Joined: 09/15/2013

Hello all, my name is Dawn and I am in the TWW, and it is driving me insane. I just turned 36 and have never had a successful pregnancy. I had chemical pregnancy in November of 2010, an ectopic pregnancy in April of 2011 and a miscarriage at 11 weeks in November of 2012. The miscarriage was due to the baby having Trisomy 13 (we now know it was a girl). My husband and I have been TTC on and off since about January, and there have have been some months that I was certain I was pregnant due to the symptoms. This is one of those months. I am 11dpo with AF expected 16dpo or 17dpo. My husband and I BD'd on CD 16 and CD 17 with ovulation presumed to occur on CD 17 (cm, + opk on CD 16). My breasts are swollen, very tender and hot, beginning to hurt about 3dpo (typically they do not hurt until right before AF). Likewise, I have been consistently cramping since about 5dpo, with extremely painful cramps 9dpo and 10dpo. I am not temping in the traditional sense, but have been running a low-grade fever for the past week. I am gassy, bloated, and constipated. I am having night sweats along with incredibly, incredibly vivid dreams. My emotions are all over the place.

That all said, I had many of the same symptoms last month, AF was seven days late, and when she did come, the cramps were so very painful. Given all that, I am afraid that my hormones are just out of whack. In addition to being of "advanced maternal age" (I HATE that term), I went through chemotherapy at age 20 and went into chemical menopause until about age 22. When I began my cycle again, I was told that I would likely enter perimenopause earlier than normal (mid to late 30s) because of the chemotherapy agents used. However, an infertility specialist hubby and I met with last spring indicated I still have plenty of eggs in reserve and that the quality of the eggs seemed to be good. However, he wants me to start progesterone as soon as I get a positive pregnancy test. So...I've been testing. I tested yesterday (10dpo) with FMU on an FRER and it was BFN. I tested again last night, with another BFN.

I feel like I am going crazy. If I'm not pregnant, than I think my hormones are way out whack because my boobs (besides when I've been pregnant and last month's crazy cycle) hurt so very, very much. The sides hurt near my armpit and my nipples seem constantly erect.

Because of our past pregnancy losses, we are not telling any friends or family that we are TTC again. As such, I feel so very lonely, emotional and hormonal. I would welcome any insight, suggestions and/or support, and would love to be supportive to others in this group.

Many thanks,



Me: 36, hx of cancer; DH: 39
TTC #1:
BFP 11/2010: Chemical Pregnancy, loss 11/2010
BFP 3/2011: Suspected Ectopic, loss 4/2011
BFP 9/30/2012: M/C on 11/8/12 (Trisomy 13) Little girl named Lilly May
BFP 10/2013: Chemical Pregnancy, loss 10/2013
BFP 1/2014: Beta #1 at 14 DPO = 388; Beta #2 at 16 DPO = 831, FX'd!
(BFP after 2nd Round Femara 12/2013, 2.5 mg, CD 3-7); Missed M/C
discovered 3/11/14; miscarriage process 3/12/14; D&C done 4/9/14
due to incomplete miscarriage; uterine infection followed.