Can Your Personality Predict Family Size?

Can personality predict family size?

Could your personality determine how many children you will have?

The answer is…….

YES, according to a new study completed at the University of Sheffield. 
Turns out that according to current research, women who are described as having high levels of neuroticism give birth to 10% more children than those who are more even keel emotionally.
(Neuroticism is defined as experiencing negative emotions frequently and easily. These negative emotions include anxiety, depression, fear and anger.)
The researchers also looked at men and their personalities as well.  What they found was men who were more social and outgoing fathered 14 percent more children than men who were described as quiet and reserved.
I don’t know quite what to think about the results to this study however. What we have been told up until now is that women who are depressed and anxious tend to struggle with their cycle because of hormonal imbalances. With these cycle irregularities also comes a higher chance of infertility. So….. seems that these two camps seem to contradict each other.
Their findings about extraverted men seem to be common sense though. Men who are more gregarious and outgoing are probably spending more time getting “cozy” with women. :) LOL!!
What are your thoughts about this study?


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