Can Your Diet Produce Twins?

Does what you eat determine whether or not you have twins? A study published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, found that what you do or don’t eat may indeed contribute to the chance of giving birth to twins.

Researchers from the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New York found that women who eat animal products, especially diary, are 5 times more likely to have twins.

Why? They believe that there is a protein that is released from the liver of animals. And it is this protein that creates increased sensitivity in the ovaries which in turn increases ovulation. It has also been found to encourage embryos to remain healthy in the early stages of development.

Researchers believe that it is a combination of diet and heredity that determine whether or not women are blessed with twins. If you are hoping for twins, why not make yourself a dairy filled meal!

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kindly advice, i want to have twins boys by August 2011. how would i increase my chances of getting it and what is dairy filled meals name them?

ify — Apr 11, 2011
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kindly advice,i want to have twins would i increase my chance of doing that,trying to concieve in march 2011

Anonymous — Feb 12, 2011
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