Can Walnuts Boost Sperm Health?

There are many theories on why there are more and more studies that indicate that men’s overall semen health has been declining over the years.  Is it because of lifestyle? Diet? Toxins? Pollution?  Whatever the reason, the result has been an increased focus on how to strengthen semen health to get it in baby making form! 

One recommendation that many doctors have for men with not so stellar semen is to make sure they are getting plenty of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) in their diet.  The reasoning for this is that the PUFAs are important for developing strong and healthy sperm These fatty acids specifically target the sperm maturation process and sperm membrane development. PUFAs are generally found in foods that are high in omega such as fish, flaxseed and walnuts.

Because of this, there is a new study that looked at what would happen to the sperm of 117 healthy men who either did or did not eat 75 grams of walnuts each day.  After splitting the men into 2 groups, they had a sperm analysis that looked at motility, morphology, vitality and chromosome abnormalities.  Then after 3 months of eating their prescribed walnut diet, the men were retested.

What researchers found was that those men who ate the 75 daily grams of walnuts had much higher levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in their body.  And in addition, there was also definite improvement in their sperm motility, morphology and vitality!  The men in the non walnut eating group saw no changes in their sperm health at all.

Researchers did follow up by saying that the research was done with typically healthy men between the ages of 21-35.  They need to further their research to see if the walnuts would have similar results for men who were struggling with infertility.


Is omega food of any benefit to women

Rosemary E. — Aug 28, 2012
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Is omega food of any benefit to women

Rosemary E. — Aug 28, 2012
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