Can a Ph Imbalance Keep You From Getting Pregnant?

Do you use douches, vaginal sprays or scented tampons?

Doctors actually warn against using these products because of the hostile environment it creates for sperm. Scented tampons, douches and vaginal sprays can all cause Ph imbalances in women.  These imbalances lead to a whole host of problems; vaginal infections and pelvic inflammatory disease being the two most common.  When this happens, the woman’s body can harm or kill the sperm. 

Also, when you are using these feminine products, they are taking away the body’s natural cervical fluids.  These fluids are crucial for sperm so that they can easily make their way to the egg.

So, if you are TTC (Trying to Conceive), you may want to put them back in the drawer until you have your new little one happily in your arms. 

Sending you best of luck and lots of baby dust on your way to motherhood!


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