Can More Sex Lead To Healthier Sperm?

healthy spermHmmmm.....  I have always read that men should hold onto their sperm during the days before ovulation.  The recommendation was to have sex every 2-3 days so that there are plenty of sperm in reserve.

There is a new study that now refutes this common practice.

Researchers believe that in getting rid of the oldest sperm, a man also gets rid of the sperm that has been sitting around with potentially damaged molecules.  This in turn leads to the freshest and healthiest sperm on deck for the big event.

Here is a quick look at the study that has turned everything upside down.

Researchers took sperm from 118 men who were diagnosed with DNA sperm damage.  After having sex at least one time a day during the week leading to ovulation, researchers found interesting results. Ninety-nine of these men got rid of up to 12% of their damaged sperm.  With this change, many of the men found themselves now in the “fair” category for sperm quality. 

Twenty of the men however, saw an increase in the percentage of damaged sperm after ejaculating each and every day.  Researchers believe that these men were those who suffered from genetic conditions which wreak havoc on a man’s sperm.

This new information may be useful to doctors in putting together a TTC (trying to conceive) plan for couples.  And from this study, one might say that unless your partner has a genetic disorder…. you have a daily green light!!!!


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