Can I Get Pregnant, I Haven't Had My Period?

Have you ever wondered if you could get pregnant during a cycle that didn’t include your period?
Believe it or not the answer is YES! The reason for this is that most women ovulate 12-16 days before they get their period. And as we know it is the release of the eggs that allow women to become pregnant. So technically, you can get pregnant without ever having your period. 
But as you can imagine, when your cycle is irregular it probably means that there are other imbalances in the body that you will want to remedy. 
So, if you are trying to conceive and do not consistently get your period because you are very thin, premenopausal or are breast feeding, check with your doctor about whether or not you need to make your cycle more regular!


My periods were due on November 18, I feel I m pregnant. On November 25 I have done a home test but result was negative. My cycle length is ususally 32 days. I m wondering what it is.?

Anonymous — Nov 25, 2010
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My periods were due on November 18, I feel I m pregnant. On November 25 I have done a home test but result was negative. My cycle length is ususally 32 days. I m wondering what it is.?

Anonymous — Nov 25, 2010
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Im 19 i have not had my cycle for 2 years now, and just recently my faience and i had sex, he came inside me and one mornin i woke up with a headahce and sickness and still felt through out the day, could a be pregant??

VERY CURIOUS GURL!! — Nov 24, 2010
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hi there, i am 19 and i had never used a condom with my boyfriend last time that we had intercourse was two months ago, he said that he came insde of me a little bit, and i havent gotten my period since then,but the thing is that i am very irregular is there any chance i get pregnant if i have intercourse again and he comes inside of me eventhough i havent gotten my period?

Anonymous — Nov 21, 2010
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i use to have a regular monthly cycle but after my son (born February 2) my cycle went back to normal for 2 months then i didnt get my period in May then it came back in June and after that i didn't see my period until November 5th! i don't know if i will be having it again next month. i'm guessing the pregnancy changed my body and my cycle. i want to have another baby so my question is can i still get pregnant?

His mommy! — Nov 17, 2010
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Im 13 years old and i havent got my period for a year now? is it normal for a girl my age? what can i do about it?

Maria — Nov 15, 2010
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Ve not seen my period.

Frances — Nov 13, 2010
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Hi I am 42 and I didn't get my period this month on the expected date of Nov. 5th. Last period started on Oct.8th. I had intercourse on the 30th of october but very brief. I haven't had intercourse for almost four years since the conception of my daughter. Her father and I broke up after I found out I was pregnant(long story). Anyways I am having a partner now and on the Oct. 30th we became more intimate and had sex but I was nervous and it didn't last too long. I don't think he had time to ejaculate but I didn't ask him also...We didn't use protection so I am worried if there is a chance I got pregnant. I took an early pregnancy test on the Nov. 8th and it was negative. I will try another one in a few days. Last time I got pregnant with my daughter on the day I supposed to get my period I did an urine test and it was positive. I don't know what's going on now...Any advice will be apreciated.
Thank you!

Anonymous — Nov 09, 2010
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i am 33 and i haven't had a period in 4 years. one doctor told me its because im morbidly obese. i see women almost twice my size and have them. i feel like my body isnt cleansing. please help me find out whats going on. i dont believe the too fat crap. is there something calles early menopause? i want another baby. can i?

Anonymous — Oct 29, 2010
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I first missed my period in june and I thought I was pregnant. I went to the ER because I had taken 3 neg preg tests. In the ER the physician discovered that I had a small cyst on my left ovary, but not preg. The doc told me that is was norm and will eventually go away. I then got my period in july but haven't had it since and it is now the end of october. I am worried, I want to be pregnant but I am starting to get discoureged. Someone please advise..

Elayne — Oct 24, 2010
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