Can I Get Pregnant, I Haven't Had My Period?

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Have you ever wondered if you could get pregnant during a cycle that didn’t include your period?
Believe it or not the answer is YES! The reason for this is that most women ovulate 12-16 days before they get their period. And as we know it is the release of the eggs that allow women to become pregnant. So technically, you can get pregnant without ever having your period. 
But as you can imagine, when your cycle is irregular it probably means that there are other imbalances in the body that you will want to remedy. 
So, if you are trying to conceive and do not consistently get your period because you are very thin, premenopausal or are breast feeding, check with your doctor about whether or not you need to make your cycle more regular!


I started my period at age 12 and I have always been irregular. I started taking the pill at age 16 to regulate myself and help with the cramping. I have been takingn a low dosage birth control pill for 3 years and came off of it right before thanksgiving 2010. It is now July 7th 2011 and I have not had my period since I stopped taking the pill. I got married in April and we would like to have children right away.....I have take 5 pregnancy tests between February and April and they have all been negative. I have maintained a consistent weight as well and do not know what is wrong. is there a way to jump start my period again without getting back on the pill?

I do not have insurance so I have not been to the doctor yet. I will have to go to the doctor if I can't figure this out soon Sad someone please help me.

AshleyS — Jul 07, 2011
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Okay well I have been reading all kinds of stories but none of them like what I'm going thru.....I got pregnant at age 14 almost 15,I know have an adorable little boy who is fixin to start school!!After he was born my husband(boyfriend at the time)and I decided I should get the mirena iud because I was SO young to have anothet kid!so anyways the years have passed and the mirena was supposed to be for 5 years but we wanted to have another baby so I went to my doc and took it out in april 13 2011,I never had a period the whole time I was on mirena and before I got pregnant my cycles were ALWAYS every 28 days!So I took it out and the next day (april 14 2011) I had a 4 day period like I always did back then.My husband and I have been having sex (normally not like a lot of times a day)and I was waiting for my period on may 15 2011 but it didn't come!!!it is now july and no period but 3 negative pregnancy tests!the last pt I took was on the first week of june so its been about a month now that I haven't took another one but it just BRAKES my heart to see that negative sign!!!Basiclly my question is could I still be pregnant even though I haven't had a period for 3 months??OR....did mirena mess up my cycle?oh I almost forgot....on the second week of june my panties had a little bit of blood on them and I was kinda cramping but when I went and used the restroom there was nothing when I wiped...could it be implantation bleeding?

LoPeZ-gIrLY — Jul 03, 2011
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hello i am 19 female. i had sex with someone one tuesday june 21, 2011. i was sopposed to have my period on thurday june 23, 2011, well that's what my calander says. anyway . i still haven't had my period and its already july 2, 2011. yes i am stressing that can be one reason why i still haven't had my period but i want to know if it is possible to get pregnant two days before a period and not get it when it is due? i took two tests which came out negative. first one i took was on thursday june 28, 2011 and the second one i took july 2, 2011. is it too soon to tell?

theGirl — Jul 02, 2011
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Im 29 years old and recently married Ive been with my husband 5years and we never 1tried for a baby before, but now he wants a baby. My doctor just resently told me that I'm premenopausal and I havent had a period since September of 2010 itis now June 2011. My doctor is deciding to put me on HRT, is it possible for me to get pregnant while starting the HRT? Will they give me a period?

Anonymous — Jun 26, 2011
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I'm 53 years old, and still get a period. Everything is irregular right now, because I am having problems with fibroids.

We are going to try a procedure to see if we can fix this problem, because every other week I am coming on my period.

If I continue to get periods after this, does that mean that I am still ovulating. I would not want to get pregnant at my age, but what is the chance....PS

Anonymous — Jun 04, 2011
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I'm 54 years old I got my mensutral period help me plz

Anonymous — May 09, 2011
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I haven't had my period for about 2 yearsi have been to the doctor and have taken Primeulot twice now and without taking the tablet i can't get my period, i cant form eggs so does this mean that i will not be able to fall pregnant??? please advise.

Anonymous — May 03, 2011
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Hello I started my period when I was in the 5 grade n it was ok n than like in the 7th grade I started getting my period here n h.s I would get it almost 2xs a yr.. now I'm 20 yrs old n I haven't had my period in a year (April 2010) it's now may 3 2011 I am sexually active with my boyfriend for 3 yrs..&& we want to have our first child! Is it possible for me to get pregnant? I've asked my doctor but he said it was normal because my moms side of the family is also irregular..what should I do guys? HELP!!!

Anayeli — May 03, 2011
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Im 15 and i havent had a period since the begining of the year, its now 30th april. I haven't had sex, and i dont know what is going on :/ i still get cramp every now and again and its realy bad, my stomic hurts all the time and it is efectiong my everyday life. I know im not pregnant cause i haven't had sex, What should i do? I'v told my mam and she dosent seem to care.

Anonymous — Apr 30, 2011
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I want to get pregnant , I have been with my partner for 8 years and have been trying . But my periods are all wrong it's on / off , I did have an op about 3 years ago now for cyst the doctor said my periods would get back to normal but haven't , I am getting a bit worried as would like children is there anything you can do to help me ?? Thanks Kim I am 24 years old

Anonymous — Apr 25, 2011
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