Can I Get Pregnant, I Haven't Had My Period?

Have you ever wondered if you could get pregnant during a cycle that didn’t include your period?
Believe it or not the answer is YES! The reason for this is that most women ovulate 12-16 days before they get their period. And as we know it is the release of the eggs that allow women to become pregnant. So technically, you can get pregnant without ever having your period. 
But as you can imagine, when your cycle is irregular it probably means that there are other imbalances in the body that you will want to remedy. 
So, if you are trying to conceive and do not consistently get your period because you are very thin, premenopausal or are breast feeding, check with your doctor about whether or not you need to make your cycle more regular!


To concerned citizen:
Look up the word "wright" in the dictionary. What you meant to spell was "write". So turn a mirror on yourself before bashing others. Very hypocritical of you.

TTC2.5 — Apr 13, 2014
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Im 18 end of december i made out with my bf. He tried had an intercourse. But it was first time for me i was scared so i didn't let him in. I had periods next two months. But now its delayed for 2 weeks, i get white coloured discharge and my nipples pains... I didn't get physical after that coz i moved to different city... What's wrong?

Anonymous — Apr 07, 2014
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I just had sex and this month i havent had my period yet can i get pregnant..... Help me PLEZ

Aryie-aala — Mar 11, 2014
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I think all of the women out there who are trying to get pregnant should first get an education and learn how to read and wright. Has anyone else been reading these comments and noticing how horrible the grammar/spelling is. Please people we don't need any more stupid people on this earth!!!! Educate yourself before you procreate......for god sake!!!

concerned citizen of earth — Mar 04, 2014
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I'm 18, I just recently lost my virginity and the same night I had to irinate lik 5 times in 30 to 45 mins. (Example) but, maybe like a couple days after I started to feel that my nipples were tender and he wasn't rough at all. And, a week after that which is now, I'm having back aches, my pelvis hurts! I got pain going down from my back to my thighs! And my skins dry, and I have cramps. So from today, jan 20, I had sex on the 4th. And either I got my period or something else, but started my period on the 14th (10 days after unprotected sex) I really hope it's nothing bad, and that I'm pregnant! I'm anxious, if am I'll be two weeks already, but the reason I'm confused is cause I'm irregular. Haven't had my period in over a year as well, and like I said, I had sex and 10 days after, there came my period. Can any body help me? Could I possibly be pregnant if I haven't had my period? And what possibly could've triggered my period, or the bleeding? I think it was implantation but I have read that it's only supposed to be spots of blood :\

Annonymous — Jan 20, 2014
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I haven't had my period in over a year. But had sex for the first time an I don't think he came, but I have cramps, back aches my nipples were tender but that went away. My back hurts all the way down to my thighs, and have bad pelvic pain. Need help, could I possibly be pregnant?

Anonymous — Jan 20, 2014
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My last period was on Nov 5, 2013 and today is December 28, 2013 and I still haven't started my period. Could I be pregnant?? Or is it normal if you have a light spot of blood??

Anonymous — Dec 27, 2013
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Please I need twin boys or triplet

tonia — Nov 28, 2013
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I had my period around October 3 and now it's November 12 so I haven't gotten it ? Is it possible that I can be pregnant if my bf busted in me like 1 week ago or 2 ?

Anonymous — Nov 12, 2013
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Hey, my period hasn't come on in about 2 months and the guy I've been with he "Cummed" in me and I was wonder could I be pregnant. Like my lower stomach aches a little and I'm have weird cold flash and hot ones? Help me please

Anonymous — Nov 09, 2013
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