Boy or Girl?

When you think about having a baby, you assume that your chances of having either a boy or a girl are about 50% right?

Well, there seems to be one scenario where this mathematical reasoning is not holding true. Researchers at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Reproductive Medicine Associates in New York sat down to really look at their sex ratio results of pregnancies resulting from IVF. What they found was that the timing of when they transferred the embryo had a pretty significant impact on whether or not the mom to be would give birth to a boy or girl.

Here are the specifics from the study:

Embryos transferred on day 3 after being harvested and cultured, mirrored the odds of having a baby naturally; about 51 percent male and 49 percent female. Here is the interesting part though….. When embryos were transferred 5 days after being harvested and cultured, the numbers changed to 58 percent male and 42 percent female. And…when they looked at single babies born from IVF, the number skyrocketed to 64 percent male and 36 percent female.

They don’t know why this happened, but it does make it interesting to think about the sex of your baby being determined by which fertility procedure you have done!

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M hoping 4 a baby boy n my last period was 5 october 2014 so when can i try

candy — Oct 16, 2014
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My last period on 23 September 2014, my length cycle is 31 days . I need a baby girl . Can tell me when can I conceive a girl ???

Danich — Oct 15, 2014
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my last mensus is oct 25th 2013, ihave a sex in nov 12 th, which baby i get ?, i want to girl baby.

Anonymous — Dec 12, 2013
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Hi I have 3 boys and would love to have a girl. My last period was November 24 2013. Can you please help us figure when I'm ovulating .

Anonymous — Dec 08, 2013
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Pls when is my chances of a baby boy,i saw my period on 18th Nov and it last for 3days

juduth udeogu — Dec 07, 2013
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Pls i have my period on 18 of nov n it last for 3day pls when is my chances of baby boy

Anonymous — Dec 07, 2013
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First day of period is 1st dec 2013 but having two boys already I am trying to conceive a baby girl what dates this month is best. ???

Anonymous — Dec 01, 2013
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My lmp is 1st nov2013. I want a baby boy. My cycle is45 to50 days.pls help me know the best days for baby boy in nov and december.

saru — Nov 13, 2013
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hi plz I menstruated on d first of oct,2013 and it lasted for 4 days, my highest cycle length is 40, while average 36 pls can you tel me wen to conceive with a boy for the month of Nov. dis is my first attempt to taking in

david favour — Oct 29, 2013
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hi plz trying to conceive dis Nov,2013. can you tel me wen to take in for a boy dis will be my first conception

Anonymous — Oct 29, 2013
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