Boosting Fertility With Diet

If you are struggling to get pregnant, the magic you need may be found in your kitchen!!

If you are working to get your body "fertility friendly" there are certain foods you will want to include in your daily diet.  Here is a quick look at a baby making menu. Smile

Mom-to-be should be eating:
1.  High-fat dairy products-  A study done by Harvard University found that women who include at least 1 serving of high fat dairy in their diet each day, reduced their chances of suffering from infertility related issues by 25%.  The dairy is believed to increase the function and health of the ovaries.

2.  Fatty Acids- Many women have diets lacking fatty acids, which are essential for healthy ovary health. Foods rich in fatty acids are nuts and fish, so enjoy a handful of nuts each and every day!

3.  Fruits and vegetables that are rich in beta carotene- Foods such as peaches and carrots help make sure that you have enough vitamin A in your body in order for it to produce hormones needed to ovulate.

4.  Protein- Make sure you get 45 g of protein each day.  If possible though, stay away from red meat as your protein source.  Eating plenty of low fat protein is important for egg production.  And although protein is good, more than 45 g can keep the embryo from implanting. 

5.  Water- Make sure you get plenty of water so that you have enough cervical fluids to carry the sperm to the egg.  In addition, water is crucial for keeping your egg follicles and womb healthy and fertility friendly!

How about him?  What should your partner be eating?
1.  Green leafy vegetables- You can increase sperm health by eating a diet high in folate.  Folate is found in green leafy veggies such as spinach.

2.  Zinc- Did you know that it is zinc that is responsible for making the outside layer and tail of the sperm?  That is why zinc is so important in making sure sperm is healthy.  Eat plenty of beans, seeds, nuts, eggs and oysters Smile

3.  Fatty Acids- These acids are important for sperm development, quality and mobility.  For men, doctors recommend 1-4 servings of fatty acids a week.

4.  Avocados- Avocados help sperm quality since they are rich in vitamin E. They also help balance fertility friendly hormones.

5.  Garlic- Yep, garlic!  Garlic is rich in antioxidants and helps keep sperm healthy.

Doctors believe that diet is one of the main contributors and causes for infertility.  So cook up a fertility friendly diet and increase your chances of conceiving!


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