Blood Pregnancy Test

Blood pregnancy testWhen do you go in to the doctor’s office for a blood pregnancy test?

There have been a few cycles where I have gone longer than 18 days past ovulation without getting a positive on a home pregnancy test.  It is during this time that I end up going back and forth about going into the doctor’s office for a blood pregnancy test. 

When I know I am late, my first instinct is to run in and get my hCG levels tested.  But then I always catch myself and think about the out of pocket expenses that seem to accumulate so quickly during this crazy TTC (trying to conceive) journey.

I also start to think back throughout the month and question myself:

Was I sick?
Am I stressed?
Did I exercise more than normal?

I know that all these factors can affect how late my period might be.  I wish there was a more cut and dry method to decide when to finally bite the bullet and head in for a blood test.

When do you decide to go in for a blood test?


Hi, I am 13 days late by period had test twice but negative. I had too medicine on feb 18-23 for function at my home after that i got period on 4th march till 8th march the net period should be there in april but i had missed we had inter course on 14 & 16 th march again on 22 and 25 would I be pregnannt or else it is due to medicine which i took in feb?

Anonymous — Apr 16, 2012
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iv been trying to get pregnant but i had a misscarrage on the 11the of january iv been haven sex trying to get pregnant again i started my period febthe 17th and iv had sex again i really wanna have a baby do you think im pregnant by now i really need to know should i get my blood tested.

Anonymous — Feb 18, 2012
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