A Biochip for Fertility Testing

An international diagnostics company called Randox, has created a new tool to help with fertility testing.

Using their new biochip and a small amount of blood, doctors can now look at a variety of hormone levels without needing a battery of different tests. To begin with, this biochip checks FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinising hormone) levels, which are important hormones used to get the ovaries and uterus ready for ovulation and pregnancy. In addition, it also evaluates estradiol and progesterone levels which are produced by the ovaries. And finally, it checks for testosterone, and prolactin levels.

Since all of these hormones work together in fertility, this test is an efficient way to quickly determine any fertility hormone irregularities or imbalances. From there, women can work with their doctors to remedy the problem(Drunk.

Any time that the fertility testing process is quicker and less time intensive it is exciting! If you want to find out more about their product, their website address is www.randox.com.


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