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Beautiful People Dating and Fertility

Have you heard of this dating site called, Beautiful People

It claims that it only takes on clients who are beautiful and turns away those who are ugly. In fact, it even kicked out 5000 folks this year because they were no longer beautiful (according to powers that be) because of weight gain. And although I could offer lots of comments about this alone, I will save my thoughts for the second part of this story! :)

So, this same site is now starting a new “Fertility Introduction Service” that anyone can use. Yep that is right, even the not so beautiful are invited to use this service. The founder of the site, Robert Hintze is quoted as coming to the realization that even though you yourself my not be beautiful, who is he to keep you from trying to have a beautiful baby. 
The way it works is that you sign up on the site and then you can look through all of the “beautiful people” who are also willing to be sperm donors. Then you can communicate with each other via the site to see if you are a compatible sperm/egg mix. This is where the service ends though. If you decide to move forward with your selected “beautiful donor,” then you have to find a clinic on your own to complete the baby making process.
Ok, so I know that this is probably not much different than the initial process at a traditional donor clinic. I know that when folks look for a match that they often include physical makeup along with genetic health, intelligence and personality traits. But there is something about this service that makes my stomach turn. It is probably because I am picturing Robert Hintze with a pile of headshots on his desk and a garbage can right next to him. I can see him going through each picture and deciding if they end up in the garbage can or in the “beautiful’ pile. Who is he to decide who is beautiful and even more, to claim to be the keeper of the beautiful baby genes!!!
What do you think…… am I overreacting? Is this just another version of donor selection? Would you use Hintze’s Fertility Introduction Service?


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