Baby Trail

Baby TrailIf you are looking to mix it up in terms of your TTC reading list, you may want to check out, Baby Trail by Sinead Moriarty.

I was looking for some “lighter” TTC books recently, and ran across this little gem at the library.  It is actually fiction, but as you dive into the story, the character becomes more and more plausible and realistic.

The author has clearly travelled a difficult TTC journey, because her novel touches on the day to day life experiences and feelings we have all gone through as we try to conceive.  There are storylines about:


  • Finding out your friends and family have become pregnant (AGAIN!)without even trying.
  • The unhelpful advice that many give you after you share with them your TTC frustrations.
  • The assumptions others make about you when you are 30 with no baby.
  • The uncomfortable and babbling conversations you have with your fertility doctors that leave you feeling embarrassed and horrified to even make eye contact with them as you leave the room.
  • The frustrations with the lack of compassion some medical professionals have when talking to women about their infertility issues.
  • The feelings of absolute bottomed out depression after getting your BFN month after month.
  • The craziness that sometimes happens in the relationship with your spouse during the TTC journey.
  • Experiences with blood tests, ultrasounds and other procedures.
  • Medication side effects as you are getting ready for an IUI or IVF.
  • Having to give yourself shots.
  • The feelings of sadness, craziness, obsessiveness, resentfulness, anger, jealousy and many many more….

And (spoiler alert) I really liked that even at the end of the story you still don’t know if the main character ever did get pregnant.  It was not the predicable, “And they had a baby and lived happily ever after” type of ending.  However, it does leave you feeling hopeful. 

There are reviews on the book jacket that compare the main character, Emma, to a combination of Bridget in Bridget Jones’ Diary and Charlotte from Sex in the City.  I completely agree.

So, if you are looking for a book to lose yourself in, without feeling like you have a “To Do” list to immediately begin working on by the end of the last chapter, The Baby Trail may be worth checking out!

Happy Reading!


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