Baby Maja

This is an amazing fertility story!!

A new baby named Maja was born to a couple from the UK. What makes her birth so amazing is that she was conceived after her mom received the world’s first ovary transplant 3 years ago. The donor was the woman’s sister and the doctor who performed the procedure, Dr. Sherman Silver, has done 8 other ovarian tissue transplants as well.

Dr. Silver has suggested that this procedure could be used to give women the option of freezing their ovaries. She believes that this would be advantageous for women who are either waiting until later in life to become pregnant or are diagnosed with cancer. This would keep a woman’s eggs “young”.

Baby Maja was named after the Roman Goddess of fertility and will undoubtedly give hope to women who want to give birth naturally but who have ovaries that are compromised in some way.

Medical advances in the world of fertility continue to amaze me!!!

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