When you have been trying to conceive for a long time, you eventually find yourself in the doctor’s office discussing things like taking Clomid or trying out an IUI to help you get pregnant. Many women are also turning to Eastern medicine practices and adding acupuncture or prenatal yoga to their TTC plan.

 But have you ever explored Ayurveda
This holistic school of thought originated in India and focuses on using diet and lifestyle to maintain good health. It also uses the same philosophy to help with health issues such as infertility. These medical practices have been around for a very long time, and there are some women who truly believe the Ayurveda cures were the extra magic they needed to become pregnant.
If you are following an Ayurveda TTC plan, you will be advised to add the following items to your diet:
1.      Licorice and garlic-  Both are believed to strengthen the reproductive organs.
2.      Jamun (Indian plum)- When taken with honey, jamun is believed to cure infertility if consumed on a regular basis.
3.      Curd and paneer (cottage cheese)- Again, both should be eaten every day to increase fertility.
4.      Banyan tree powdered roots and milk- This concoction is supposed to be the most powerful fertility drink around. The Ayurveda practitioners recommend drinking this cocktail on the final day of your period, just before your cycle begins again.
In terms of lifestyle, a TTC plan from the Ayurveda school of thought would include:
1.      Yoga postures directly related to fertility and the health of the reproductive organs. The poses included would be the Paschimottanasana, Sarvangasana, Shallabasana and the Ardhamatsyendrasana.
2.      Placing Ubtans (mud packs) on a woman’s abdomen.
It is believed that if you add this fertility regiment to your existing plan for at least 6 months, that you will most likely become pregnant.

Has anyone tried any of these Ayurveda infertility cures?


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