Are Your Hormone Levels Wreaking Havoc on Your Body?

If you have been TTC (trying to conceive) for awhile with no luck, you have undoubtedly been reading everything you can get your hands on and talking with your doctor about potential problems.  With the increasing number of "unexplained fertility" diagnoses handed out by the specialists, it becomes even more frustrating to try and figure out why you are not getting pregnant.

One of the more common infertility problems has to do with ovulation, or lack there of.  When women do not ovulate regularly, there are generally a handful of reasons to explore. But one of the simple answers could lie with the male hormone levels in your body.  This is an easy fix in terms of fertility and also easy to diagnose. 

You may have elevated male hormones in your body if you have either of symptoms listed below:

  • Hirsutism- This condition is when you have hair in areas that are not normally common.  For example, for a woman you may find that you have extra hair on your face, big toe, lower abdomen and nipples.
  • Acne- This is potential red flag if you suffer from acne that sticks with you way past the teenaged years.

So…. if you are experiencing hirsutism, acne and struggling to get pregnant, you may want to chat with your doctor about getting a blood test to look for increased levels of male hormones in your body~


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