Another Option…..Testicle Transplant

When faced with sterility because of cancer related treatment, both men and women have been looking for feasible assisted fertility options in their hopes of parenthood. In the past we have read about the advances in freezing techniques used to protect the eggs and sperm, but now there is another option!

Recently I read an article that gave men who had successfully battled cancer, the ability to still become fathers. A Greek scientist named Dr. Sofikitis, came up with a new procedure where men have their testicle tissue stored prior to chemotherapy and radiation, and then transplants it back once they are cancer-free.

This works according to Dr. Sofikitis, because it is the testicle’s “germ cells” that are extracted and saved. After the cells have been replaced in the man’s testicle, it is once again able to produce sperm.

Dr. Sofikitis believes that this process is successful for men because they are able to keep a greater amount of their genetic information, when compared with simply freezing their sperm.

Having fertility treatment options are invaluable for so many of us!!!!!!!

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I see it like this. It is 2011 & the medical field has advanced so much. There was a face transplant done which was successful. There was a hand transplant done which was successful, there was a tongue transplant done ,, again which was successful and there was a penile transplant done which also was successful. Not to mention a Kidney, lung and heart transplant have been done(which is great) but once again dont you all think a allogenic Testicular transplant should be done on those who lost their boys. Many people and Doctors say there should not be research on Testicular Transplant because there is hormone replacement,and Prosthesis. However i strongly disagree with that, thats like asking someone who is blind "why would you want to be able to see again when you can have cool sunglasses and a seeing dog?" or "why would you want to have breast implants when you can just stuff ballons in your shirt?" or "why would you want a face transplant when you can wear make up or wear a mask"?. My point is allogenic Testicular Transplants will be beneful to alot of men, Billions of them Young middle age and old. I just hope they do research in it!!!!!!.

Anonymous — Mar 22, 2011
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WOW this sounds fantastic.!! It really does. However, since Brilliant scientist and researchers are now able to perform such a complex procedure why dont they work on Testicular Transplants for Men who had to get castrated due to Chronic epididymitis , Trauma to the testicle, chronic orchits, or Chronic prostatsis . I mean its quite obvious they know how to remove and reattach all the proper nerves to and from or from and to the body right??? or is it that they dont want to do more research on Testicular Transplant because HRT is making so much money?.

Anonymous — Mar 22, 2011
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