Am I Losing Too Much Sperm After Sex?

losing sperm after sexQuestion

I feel like all of the sperm runs out of me after sex.  Could that be why I am not getting pregnant?


Doctors say that it is totally normal for sperm to escape out after having sex.  The reason for this is that the fluids which help the sperm navigate its course start out thick and gooey.  It doesn’t become more water like until 30 minutes after ejaculation.  What is important to know though, is that each time a healthy fertile man ejaculates, he sends out 20-80 million sperm.  So if some don’t make it in, no worries!  There are plenty more on their way to meet the egg!

On the flip side, I have friends who are convinced that they got pregnant because after sex they propped their bum up for a half an hour after sex until all the sperm and fluids were able to easily roll their way to their destination.

All I know is that either way, it is never how it looks in the movies if you are TTC.  A romantic evening, cuddling up after sex….  Instead you are worrying about timing, positions and potentially keeping your bum up after it is all over.  What a sight it must be!  You can’t help but giggle!!!


I have been operated of ovarian cyst couple with cronic pelvic inflametory deseas and has been treated but i cant concieve pls help me

Anonymous — Oct 29, 2012
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i had a misscarage at 19weeks how soon can i get pregnant again?

Anonymous — Apr 09, 2012
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Im 40 yrs I'm been trying for 2yrs ,now I noted the my body change on day 19 true 28 night sweat

Anonymous — Feb 08, 2012
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hi everyone, i had 2 misscarriages a year apart from eachother. i got pregnant both from clomid. well the clomid really messed up my body. i found out that i had endometriosis and cycts in my ovaries, plus a cycts on my uteris. i had to have surgery on jan. 21,2011. to remove the cycts and some of the endometriosis. i went through 6 months of treatments of a Lupron Shot. i went through hell. now i finally finished my treatments!! im starting all over to get pregnant, and naturally . no clomid. nothing..

Anonymous — Sep 03, 2011
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Hi, I am 40yrs old and been trying for a baby for 2yrs. One year ago I feel pregnant but then miscarried I was so devastated. After having a HSG and all was well and my husbands sperm is 100%, the Dr. has put me on clomid for 6 months.

Could you let me know when is the best time to have sex when taking clomid, and is it dangerous at my age to be taking clomid.

Thanking you

Anonymous — Aug 05, 2011
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I have been trying and trying nothing is happening i want a baby but i dont think i can get pregnant i been sad cuz i want my baby

Tootie23 — Jul 25, 2011
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my husband and i we are trying to conceive, i had a miscarriage on march this year, can this delay me in conceiving again

Anonymous — Jul 20, 2011
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